IIFYM ~Why do it?

IIFYM, aka if it fits your macros, is a flexible “diet” that allows you to eat basically what you want (keep in mind you should still focus on a healthy and balanced diet considering we eat healthy for our bodies to truly be healthy so eating nothing but junk totally ruins the purpose) as long as you hit your macros~ or protein, fat, and carb intake. My current macros are 130g of protein, 145g of carbs and 55g of fat. The numbers for every person is different, even if you are similar in body type and size! For the past 4 weeks I have been counting my macros and although the scale didn’t change much, my body has and I have become more and more comfortable with how I look with counting macros. I love that now when someone asks me if I can go out to eat with them I can actually say yes! When I did the 12 weeks to apex diet my meals were written out for me to a T… when to eat and what to eat, there was no wiggle room and THAT is stressful and aggravating! Now though, I get a say as to when and what I eat as long as I hit my numbers by the end of the day. This is not carb cutting which I always tell people to stay away from! We survive partially off of carbs and if muscle growth or good metabolism maintenance is your goal then you need those carbs! I loved carb cycling but those low carb days made it so hard to function… with macro counting I eat no less and no more than the carbs I require to improve my body and I see results. This is a diet I could follow for my life because it is manageable! Now constantly dieting is not something I’d advise for mental health and sometimes even physical health if your diet consists of the same foods because a variety is how you maintain all of your needed nutrients so it is a good idea to macro count for maybe a month and a half or so and take a week to 3 weeks for recouping. These weeks are not cheat weeks though! These week are to get off of structure but continue with healthy, intuitive eating. If you have any questions about my results or how to macro count please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. When it comes to figuring out your macros I’d suggest going to a trusted health site (bodybuilders.com) and use it’s macro counter. There it will determine your estimated macros from your age, weight, activity level, etc. Follow the macros for a few week and feel free to adjust them slightly to better fit your goals. I ended up needing less carbs and more fat than what was suggested to me. I used katyhearnfit.com to figure out my macros.


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