Finally finished!

Yeaaa!!! After 6 long and aggressive weeks, I have finished my Evolution workout program. Here was the rundown:

Week 1: Not very difficult, still challenging though. This is the week you learn the ropes. I really loved weeks 1-3 because each week was a new challenge that was fun and different from my normal routine! No results shown this week but I was definitely sore!

Week 2: The same workouts as week one but with a shorter rest between circuits. This cut in rest time helped with fat burn and will make you sweat! (for a more intense sweat I like to use sweet sweat from GNC)

Week 3: Although the workouts were different from week 1, this on was also pretty fun. Cardio and abs are now incorporated and by this week I see growth in my arms and more definition in my back.

Week 4: This is the week when I started hoping tomorrow would be week 6 lol! The workout was the same as week three but also a cut in rest time during circuits. I was sore pretty much every week in this program which was such a rewarding feeling!

Week 5: Still wishing the program could end. Now I’ve noticed my legs looking better! My booty was getting rounder and my quads were more defined. This, along with week 6 are the MOST intense leg days I’ve ever done and I hated every second of it! I guess it  was worth it since the hard work showed. This week we also started 2 a day workouts, the first is strictly cardio and the second is later in the day and a workout plus 20 minutes cardio at the end

Week 6: Finally week 6, which meant my last time ever having to do those leg workouts (yeaaa!). At the end of this week I will say, no ab results, arms grew but didn’t get particularly “cut”, back became more defined, and legs are looking better than I’ve ever gotten them to before! This was a great program for people who are already used to working out, are determined, want muscle growth, and are not necessarily looking to cut fat. This program definitely tested my limits, motivation, and made me change the way I am used to working out. Circuits will now be my new way to lift and my leg days are going to be more intense.

Those were my results… my boyfriends on the other hand was AMAZING! Although he worked out with me before, he hadn’t gotten to that point of being “swole.” After this program his arms look fantastic, his abs are much more defined, and his back cut! We will definitely be doing this workout again, maybe as a yearly program, and I would recommend people who desire muscle growth (especially men) to follow this program! If you push yourself, results are guaranteed! My next project is a 12 weeks to apex diet I was selected to do by @apexvisionfitness on instagram. So far I LOVE this diet! You eat 6 small meals a day that they plan out. Weeks 1-4 is carb cycling, 5-8 is carb back loading (one day a week eat little to no carbs until your evening workout. After your workout you have a cheat meal and can eat any  sweets, carbs, or junk you desire for the rest of the night as long as you don’t go overboard), and 9-12 is a program you can choose, bikini body or lean muscle. To see my weekly progress, follow my instagram @weconqerfitness or my twitter @weconquer_ . This is a program I’m excited to show my results from!



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