Latest update on the Evolution workout

Hey everyone! My latest update on the Evolution workout plan is: I am still on week one. Trust me this was not by choice. I live in Louisiana which just got hit by the biggest flood America has ever seen, meaning I clearly couldn’t get to the gym! So Monday of this week my boyfriend and I restarted the workout plan. Our first go round we only made it to day three when the flood struck (luckily we weren’t weeks into this workout) This second time though, we completed a whole week and let me tell you… MY MUSCLES ACHE! I haven’t felt so sore and proud after a workout, probably in my entire life! Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day because it is most definitely needed. My plans following “Evolution” is to make a workout plan of my own, one that I test each workout and go through the whole process myself along with friends so I can make one as challenging and rewarding as this one is. For those who can’t afford a gym or want change in their basic routine, I also want to incorporate at home workouts… but not your typical crunches and jogging around. This workout plan involves out of the box weightlifting with random things in your back yard. Again, each workout I will test and experiment with to make sure it will give you optimal results. I was inspired to try this unique at home workout by my dad. He pointed out to me exactly what I have been thinking but never really admitted to myself , I am in a slump or plateau you could say. I have simply been going through the motions and getting no progress. What I need is uniqueness, a change, because what I was doing was clearly not working.  He then started to put into perspective how you don’t have to go to the gym to “workout.” He gave me all kind of ideas of at home workouts that can potentially use more muscles than just using the machines or free weights in the gym. Not to mention you are getting fresh air and natural sunlight to make you sweat way more than being in the air-condition! After I post my results for my current workout plan I am doing I will explain my next step in creating my very own workout plan and at home workout plan.


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