Joe Mangaiello’s Evolution workout routine

Hey guys! Not too long ago I read the book Evolution by Joe Mangaiello (aka one of the guys from Magic Mike) and it gave me this awesome motivation that got me so excited to push myself harder and go that extra step! At the end of the book is a workout plan, the one he had used to get the “werewolf” body he needed for one of his movies. Monday I finally started the workout and let me tell you, these two days have destroyed my muscles (in the best way of course)! It is a 6 week program that I am doing with my boyfriend who is, might I add, the very best at pushing me and keeping me focused on my goals! Since I’m on that topic I would advise everyone to have a workout partner who can do the same thing for you. Sometimes your brain will let yourself get comfortable with where you are when your body can really go so much farther! That’s where your partner will come in handy! Going back to the workout though, it may have been made for a man but it is great for a women as well. You are free to do a weight that is comfortable to you, therefore you are under control of how much muscle you can build. There is a terrible misconception that women who workout get bulky and manly looking. First I should point out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so do what makes you happy for your body and accept what others have done with there’s if that is what they are happy with. On the other hand, if you are scared to touch a weight because you don’t want to look like a man, lucky you… You won’t! Women and men are built with the exact same muscles, guys though, have more muscle. That means that they have the ability to lift more and they naturally look bulkier than women. The giant women you see in some competitions without a doubt take some type of steroid. I believe a strong body shows hard work and determination. Someone with an amazing and muscular body is a visual representation of what fighting for your goals and dreams look like and to me, that is beautiful! In conclusion, I invite anyone to try this workout plan with me (which is also good cardio since the workouts our circuits) and tell me what you think! Click this link for the workout: Joe Mangaiello workout 


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  1. Sherry Strother says:

    Kadence~Thank you for your inspiration and insight. After one year on steroids for a medical condition, the medication increases your appetite along with numerous side affects, I had put on 35#. Since the beginning of June I have lost 24# with nutritional meals and exercise. I enjoy reading your blog and articles that keep me inspired. Thank you!


    1. I’m so happy they inspire you! That’s why I write them! You should be so proud of your progress because I know that was difficult to get through!


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