Carb cycling complete

Hey everyone! Here are my final thoughts on carb cycling I had promised, although it took me a little while to get it up. I ended up carb cycling for 2 months because I wasn’t satisfied with how I followed the carb cycling “schedule” during the first month. In those 2 months I did not loose any weight…. But that didn’t mean a thing! I can look in the mirror and tell a difference. Carb cycling will give you results if you are strict with it! The hard part… You have to be strict with it! It is crucial to get the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins at the right times or it will not be effective. If you don’t have the time to plan your meals and eat at the right times than this diet will really be hard to follow. Although, if you are determined it CAN be done! My next diet I will try is really not a “diet” at all. From now on I have cut out weekly, monthly, or annual cheat meals. I will cheat for holidays and some special events but I will no longer cheat consistently. My motives? When I cheat I feel more unsatisfied instead of happy about it. I feel like I have ruined my hard work and my body deserves better. The next day after cheating I break out (when I have never broken out before) and just feel gross all around! Sure it taste good at the moment but everything after it sucks lol! Cheating is just not worth it to me anymore so it’s time for it to go. Anyone who wants to join me on this journey is more than welcome, but don’t feel like you have to because it’s the only way to be healthy! I hear of tons of healthy people who have special cheat days and even recommend it so you don’t over do a cheat day when you finally get one. Just remember to cheat consciously and you should be ok. Keep watch for more blog post about my gym techniques and my favorite healthy recipes I make!


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  1. Maverick May says:

    I completely agree, cheat meals do not feel amazing to me either. I believe they are used sometimes more as motivation to beginners so that they have a way of breaking a crave, but also the cheat meal could have an underlying purpose: to make you work even harder.

    Maybe eating that food makes you feel uncomfortable so you feel that you have to work it off and even sometimes cut it completely. This in the long term will help you no longer crave those foods or want them because you know it will give you another negative experience.

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