Carb cycle update!

In my last post I explained my new diet which was carb cycling that I was to do for a month or so. After so much traveling in June I barely had a chance to carb cycle as strictly as I’d like to…. Getting the most accurate results are crucial to me so I am going to carb cycle for an extra month. The results I had from my first carb cycle was going great, this is a diet I could see myself doing for a while actually. So far I have noticed that carb cycling is a very effective diet but with so many meals to eat and the restrictions you have for each one, it gets hard to follow while you are away from home or working a lot. Then again… Good diets require specific dedication which can be achieved as long as you set your mind to it! My advice would be to meal prep. Cook all of your meals and  bag all of your snacks so you can have everything ready to go throughout the week. I try to go to the store every Sunday and then after church, meal prep. Before you buy the foods… Calculate the sugars, proteins, fats, and carbs you would have for each day’s worth of food (I do this by the myfitnesspal app), this way you know you are making healthy meals that follow your diet. Also remember to buy and cook in bulk! Have one meal plan for every low carb day and one plan for every high carb day. This makes cooking much easier. So the foods don’t get boring, change it up each week and get creative! This diet is fun and so far, I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Their are variations for every type of lifestyle so anyone can do it!


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