Low sugar protein pancakes!

Goodmorning everybody! Today is my high carb day for my carb cycling diet which means I FINALLY get to eat pancakes for breakfast! Last night I was brainstorming how I can make pancakes that have basically no sugar and packed with protein. I looked on pintrest for recipes but most of the recipes had bananas…  I don’t think many people realize how much sugar is in bananas! 14g of natural sugar is still sugar and since sugar is the only thing that turns to fat, I don’t want it. That’s why I came up with this recipe which only has around 5 grams of sugar for the whole batch! 

Cottage cheese (1/2c)

Vanilla Protein powder (2 scoops- I used isopure)

Cinnamon (1tbsp)

Stevia (1 packet – not necessary)

Egg whites (3)

Chia seeds (as much as wanted)

Almond flour (1 cup)

Sugar free creamer (2 tbsp)

Yield 8

Top with real butter

Sugar: 4.8g  Carbs:18g 

Protein: 48.4g  fat: 19.5g

So far, everyone I’ve had to try them gave me a good review and said they tasted great. I’d love to hear what you guys think of them as well so feel free to comment your results!


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