GM diet results!

I FINALLY finished the 1 week GM diet! Although that doesn’t seem like a long time, when you eat nothing but vegetables for practically the whole week and you really really hate plain veggies… it seems like this diet would never end! What I found with this diet is you really need free time to do it OR be able to pack lots and lots of food wherever you go because you will stay hungry! The key is to eat only when your hungry and every time you get hungry, that way  you don’t deplete your body.  As for my results I can confirm that I did see results! I lost close to a pound a day and could notice it in my belly very quickly! On the other hand…. here are the problems I’ve had with this diet:
– After day 2 I was very drowsy until day 4.
– After day 2 I was also very cranky! This lasted for about 2 days as well.
– Started having bad cravings from day 3 until day 7… the cravings were not bad enough to make me cave in though!
– Because I worked out with this diet I felt deprived of proteins which I DID NOT like!

As for my mom’s results; she felt very similar to how I felt when it came to feeling drowsy, cranky, and cravings. My hardest day to get through was the tomato soup day because I hate tomatoes! Lucky for me My dad made a delicious tomato soup that I will post in a moment for you to try! It made eating tomato soup all day long much easier to bare without all of the sugars from canned tomato soup. My mom felt like the hardest day was day 4 when we ate nothing but bananas. She also lost around a pound a day, although she cheated a bit by drinking coffee in the mornings. I know this was a very small cheat but the way I see it, if it wasn’t in the diet description than it should not get consumed! Being strict about this diet was essential to me!

My cousin who I had asked to do the diet with us only lasted until day 3. She felt that drinking all of the water was the hardest part. I had no other participants in the GM diet.
In conclusion I would not recommend this diet to anyone considering the side effects. Health is supposed to be about feeling good and energized but I felt the exact opposite for several days! No diet should make you feel deprived or bring you down, whether the results show or not! I promise you guys there are better diets out there and I will keep testing them out until I find one that works and makes you feel GREAT! On the bright side I got exactly what I wanted from this diet experiment, true results!


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