Conquering: Step 1

Hi guys I’m Kadence! Welcome to my blog. For starters, let me tell you a bit about myself and the purpose for this blog….I’m 17 and a fitness freak, anyone who knows me can back me up on this one. I have been working out for about a year now with a starting weight of 152lbs at 16 yrs old. Currently I weigh 134lbs and workout 2-3 times a day! Sounds like a lot but when you love it as much as I do, twice a day isn’t enough! After seeing my progress I realized that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and am now working towards being a nutritionist/personal trainer. Until that time comes, I have started working on my fitness modeling career. After a few modeling opportunities that I LOVED I was super determined to get my body in the best shape possible! Here’s the problem… when trying to get fit without the help of a nutritionist to tell you facts about what will help you and what will hurt you and are forced to rely solely on what you see in the internet, which we all know is not a good source for the truth, it is like you’re doing everything blind folded! Everything you read about promises that THIS is the best diet, or best workout, yet they all try to prove each other wrong! How am I supposed to know what will truly help my body? I figured the only way is through trial and error. In this blog I will go through different diets, workout routines and challenges, and as many other tricks to a healthy lifestyle I can find for several weeks, along with a few friends of mine in order to get the most accurate results as possible, so we can find what will actually work. We deserve to see real results so I hope this can help you get to your healthiest body yet!


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